FS9 Boeing Widescreen Panel Pack

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sampleSkyDecks Panel Design has now brought about a widescreen solution for three of the most popular 2-D panels used in FS2004. The Boeing Jets, Widescreen Panel Pack, brings about a new level of detail and realism to the widescreen 2-D panel environment. Included in the package are the Boeing 737-400, the Boeing 747-400 and the Boeing 777-300. With detailed panel bitmaps and the utilization of many standard FS9 gauges, the newer widescreen versions of the Boeing airliners are true replacements for the default 2-D panel configurations found within FS9. The Boeing Jets, Widescreen Panel Pack is the beginning of this work. Say goodbye to those horizontally stretched 2-D panels once and for all!

Not only do they look good, you’ll find that our newer widescreen panels can be used and function just the same as their 4:3 originals. At installation, you’ll have the option of using one of two aspect ratios for widescreen monitor support: 16:10, 1440 x 900 (1.6:1) or 16:9, 1920 x 1080 (1.78:1). The 16:10 configuration is most popular for widescreen computer monitors, while 16:9 is used with most HDTV monitors.

Purchasing is safe and secure by using Flight1's Software Utility Wrapper. Simply download the product from this page, then click the utility wrapper to begin; it's the one with the red airplane icon. The wrapped file is named, "FS9-Wide-BJets-Purchase.exe"

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