SkyDecks Panel Gallery

Here you will find a listing of instrument panel products that are available for purchase. Take a SkyDecks Panel Design down to the minimums on your next final approach and you'll never fly default panels again! SkyDecks Panel Design... Seeing is believing!

Click for FS9 Boeing Widescreen Pack

FS9 Boeing Widescreen Pack
Widescreen monitor support for the three standard Boeing Jets found in FS9.

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Click for FS9 2-for-1 Panel Offer

FS9 737-NG and CRJ - 2-for-1
Take advantage of this special 2-for-1 offer that includes the 737-NG and CRJ.

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Click for FS9 Boeing 737-NG Panel

FS9 Boeing 737-Next Generation v3.15
Our most popular panel. One of the finest 737-NG panels on the market today.

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Click for FS9 Bombardier CRJ Panel

Bombardier CRJ Panel, v1.15
The CRJ is a proven workhorse and we've got one of the best renditions of it here.

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