SkyDecks Free Downloads

The aircraft packages provided on this page are used for convenience purposes only, and are designated as freeware. Files from outside entities that may be included within these packages have been used by permission. Check back from time to time as more files may become available.

These aircraft files are not a part of our panel releases, and as such, are provided as a convenience only. We created these aircraft packages to compliment your SkyDecks panel product. They were specifically created for those who are unfamiliar with editing panel configuration files. This would allow them to have an aircraft package that's already configured and setup to be used with their new SkyDecks panel product.

FS9 Boeing 737-NG Livery Pack
Pre-configured for your new SkyDecks 737 panel, included are 12 liveries and two NG variants: 737-700 and 800.

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FS9 Bombardier CRJ Livery Pack
Pre-configured for your new SkyDecks CRJ panel, included are 12 international liveries and a CRJ-200 model.

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