SkyDecks Frequently Asked Questions

SkyDecks Panel Design offers introductory answers to frequently asked questions about panels, registration, and general support of our products. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please consult our Contact page or visit our Support Forum online.

My key file isn’t working and I think I need a new key. How do I get one?

If you're having key file support issues, you may check for and obtain a copy of your key file, obtain a lost password, reactivate a key file, as well as additional Flight1 Software Wrapper key file support by visiting the following web-page. You can actually obtain this information faster than we can obtain it for you. Please know that SkyDecks Panel Design does not have access to your password information. You can easily obtain a lost password by visiting the support page referenced below. Software Wrapper Support Page

In the meantime, you may also check our Support Forum for answers to many questions by visiting the following link:

SkyDecks Panel Design Support Forum

I’ve lost my password. How can I get my password reset?

If you cannot find your "last four numbers" password used for your order, you may submit a request to Flight1 Software for retrieval of the password. SkyDecks does not keep on hand any password information used for your purchase. Password requests are sent only to the original e-mail address used for the order. If you've changed your e-mail address, you will need to submit a request to Flight1 for an e-mail change. Please be aware that processes e-mail address changes with a high level of security, so be prepared to submit to them detailed order information data. If you need to contact Flight1 Software to retrieve a password, please visit the following link:

Click here to obtain a lost password for your order.

How do I activate an ILS approach procedure?

To activate an ILS approach, follow this procedure:

You will need to be lined up for approach on the localizer, configured for entry into the glide slope. In order for the autopilot to capture a glide slope, you must intercept it from below. The NAV button is engaged for the aircraft to capture the localizer.

With the Boeing 738, you should be at approximately 3500 to 2000 feet AGL, 15 degrees of flaps, 185 KIAS, and ready to intercept the glide slope. Set landing gear “down” when the glide slope indicator reaches its first tick mark above centerline. Capture the glide slope by pushing the APP button while the glide slope indicator is still above the centerline. As the glide slope indicator approaches its centerline, decrease your airspeed to 170 KIAS.

When the glide slope needle hits centerline, the plane will start to pitch downward to intercept the glide slope. Shortly after the aircraft begins it’s decent, decrease airspeed again to 160 KIAS and set flaps to 25. Slowly decrease your airspeed to 140 KIAS and gradually set flaps for landing. The plane should be stabilized on the glide slope and configured for landing at approximately 1,000 AGL. Have a safe landing!!