FS9 Boeing 737-Next Generation Panel, v3.15

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sampleBy far the most popular panel in our fleet, the SkyDecks Boeing 737-NG Panel, Version 3.15. SkyDecks has made this project as realistic and practical as possible, having designed all new gauges to create the most realistic flight simulation experience available today. You will find many new features in the v3.15 build.

One of its nicest features, the innovative, fully functioning overhead panel is programmed complete with accurately modeled electrical, pnuematics fuel, and hydraulic functions. You can perform full start-up proceedures like never before!

Another really nice feature is the the ability to change the display unit style. With just a click of the mouse, you can change from a fully displayed precision mode, or you can change to a more compact displayed mode which is modeled after the style of analog guages. The Navigational Display still shows all of the visual information seen within the FS9 GPS. Navaids and the loaded flight plan will appear within the Nav-Display just like the real thing! Every gauge has been recreated for a level of detail that must truly be experienced! SkyDecks Panel Design's Boeing-737-NG... Seeing is Believing!

  • Full or Compact modes of LED display units are selectable. Select your style!
  • ND displays navaids and flight plan using the MSFS GPS system information.
  • Full-function Overhead Panel with Fuel, Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electrical systems.
  • GPWS system - altitude descent callouts to aid in awareness and precision landings.
  • Dimmable night lighting system for panel floods, text and LED Display Units.
  • New Autopilot MCP logic with correct IAS/Mach Change Over and Vertical Speed display.
  • Auto-Landing feature to guide your aircraft to a smooth landing. ILS/DME required.
  • Pilot and Flight Attendant recordings help you feel more at home in the cockpit.
  • Display units may be maximized and undocked for ease of viewing the gauges.
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